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Paper: V2491 Cyg – A Possible Recurrent Nova?
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 335
Authors: Ragan, E.; Mikołajewski, M.; Tomov, T.; Swierczyński, E.; Brożek, T.; Gałan, C.; Różański, P.; Wiecek, M.; Wychudzki, P.
Abstract: Nova V2491 Cyg was discovered on April 10.72 UT 2008 (Nakano et al. 2008). Here we present spectrophotometric premises that V2491 Cyg can be a good candidate for recurrent nova (RNe). Its properties are compared to five well known RNe with red dwarf secondaries (U Sco, V394 Cra, T Pyx, CI Aql, IM Nor) and recently confirmed as recurrent nova V2487 Oph (Pagnotta 2008). Photometric U, B, V, RC, IC and moderate resolution (R∼ 1500) spectral observations of V2491 Cyg were carried out in the Torun Observatory (Poland) between April 14 and May 20 2008.
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