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Paper: Galactic Populations of X-ray Binaries and Related Systems
Volume: 435, Binaries – Key to Comprehension of the Universe
Page: 365
Authors: van den Berg, M.
Abstract: I will present an overview of the Galactic population of X-ray binaries and related systems, including cataclysmic variables. The advent of new instrumentation with unprecedented capabilities—spatial resolution, time resolution, sensitivity at higher energies—has advanced our understanding of accretion-powered X-ray sources over the last decade. There have been discoveries of new source classes including faint X-ray transients, super-fast X-ray transients and highly-obscured X-ray binaries. We have gained more insight into low-luminosity X-ray binaries in regions that were previously less accessible for studying faint sources, for example the crowded central region of our Galaxy and the cores of globular clusters. While there has been much progress in putting together a more complete picture of the population of X-ray binaries and their multi-wavelength properties, many new questions have arisen. I will review some of these new discoveries and address aspects where our knowledge is still incomplete.
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