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Paper: Canadian Galactic Plane Survey Compact Source Catalogue
Volume: 438, The Dynamic Interstellar Medium: A Celebration of the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
Page: 288
Authors: Sunstrum, C.; R.Taylor, A.; Tian, W.; Leahy, D.; Kothes, R.
Abstract: The Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS) is a project to survey the Galactic plane at multiple wavelengths using the DRAO Synthesis Telescope. This project has produced images in three Stokes parameters (I, Q, U), covering ∼1500 square degrees of the Galactic disk, primarily in the outer Galaxy. Approximately 86,000 compact sources of radio emission have been catalogued down to a minimum flux density of of ∼1 mJy. Initial analysis suggests ∼10% of these sources have polarized emission.
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