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Paper: On the Distance and Age of the Pulsar Wind Nebula 3C 58
Volume: 438, The Dynamic Interstellar Medium: A Celebration of the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
Page: 347
Authors: Kothes, R.
Abstract: There is a growing community of astronomers presenting evidence that the pulsar wind nebula 3C 58 is much older than the connection with the historical supernova of A.D. 1181 would indicate. Most of the strong evidence against a young age for 3C 58 relies heavily on the assumed distance of 3.2 kpc determined with H I absorption measurements. I have revisited this distance determination based on new H I data from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey and added newly determined distances to objects in the neighbourhood, which are based on direct measurements by trigonometric parallax. This leads to a new and more reliable distance estimate of 2 kpc for 3C 58 and makes the connection between the pulsar wind nebula and the historical event from A.D. 1181 once again much more compelling.
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