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Paper: H I Shells at Forbidden Velocities
Volume: 438, The Dynamic Interstellar Medium: A Celebration of the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
Page: 372
Authors: Kang, J.; Koo, B.-C.; Salter, C.
Abstract: In large-scale (ℓ,v) diagrams of low-resolution HI survey data, there are many faint wing-like features at velocities beyond the boundaries allowed by Galactic rotation (Forbidden-Velocity Wings, FVWs). Their high velocities and sizes imply that they are the results of violent events. One of the strongest candidates for the nature of FVWs is that they are the rapidly expanding HI shells of missing old Galactic SNRs, which are too faint to be visible in radio continuum and X-rays. We summarize HI observations towards 22 FVWs using the Arecibo 305-m and the Green Bank 110-m radio telescopes. We present the HI observational results for three FVWs, which appear to be parts of expanding shells.
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