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Paper: Building A Scientific Community: An Inquiry-Based Biology Short Course for the 2009 Hartnell SUMS Program
Volume: 436, Learning from Inquiry In Practice
Page: 211
Authors: Yuh, P.; Wheaton, M.; Wright, A.; Contreras, L.; McCann, S.
Abstract: The Hartnell College Summer Undergraduate Math and Science (SUMS) program is a five-week course for incoming college students. The SUMS program exposes students to a broad array of math and science disciplines by engaging them in a variety of inquiry-based activities designed to increase their knowledge of these disciplines, and more importantly, to approach these areas of study in a way that more accurately reflects how scientific research is done. Four participants from the Center for Adaptive Optics (CfAO) Professional Development Program (PDP) designed and instructed Biology Week for the 2009 SUMS program. We designed an activity that allowed our students to use and develop problem-solving skills used by all scientists, in the context of learning about bacteria and antimicrobial compounds. Moreover, we sought to make biology accessible to our students, and to increase their sense of belonging in the scientific community. In this paper we describe details of our activity and provide a post-teaching reflection on its success.
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