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Paper: Science on Sunday: The Prospective Graduate Student Workshop in Ocean Sciences
Volume: 436, Learning from Inquiry In Practice
Page: 247
Authors: Jacox, M. G.; Powers, M. L.
Abstract: Here, we present the design and implementation of the Prospective Graduate Student Workshop (PGSW) in Ocean Sciences, a new teaching venue developed within the University of California's Center for Adaptive Optics (CfAO). The one-day workshop introduced undergraduate and community college students interested in pursuing graduate school to the field of ocean sciences through a series of inquiry-based activities. Throughout the activity design process, two important themes were emphasized; 1) physical, chemical, and biological properties are tightly coupled in the ocean; 2) ocean sciences is a highly inter-disciplinary field that includes scientists from diverse backgrounds. With these ideas in mind the workshop was split into two activities, morning and afternoon, each of which concentrated on teaching certain process skills thought to be useful for prospective graduate students. The morning covered density and mixing in the ocean and the afternoon was focused on phytoplankton and how they experience the ocean as a low Reynolds number environment. Attendees were instructed to complete pre- and post-activity questionnaires, which enabled assessment of individual components and the workshop as a whole. Response was very positive, students gained knowledge about ocean sciences, scientific inquiry, and graduate school in general, and most importantly had fun voluntarily participating in science on a Sunday.
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