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Paper: A Fluid Dynamics Activity for Prospective Graduate Students
Volume: 436, Learning from Inquiry In Practice
Page: 258
Authors: Traxler, A. L.; Kretke, K. A.; Garaud, P.
Abstract: Our team’s objective was to develop a one-day activity for an interdisciplinary group of upper-level undergraduate students in science and mathematics fields. Fluid dynamics offers a variety of problems that touch many other fields, from which we selected the concepts of laminar and turbulent flow, and the transition between them, as our focus. Students were provided with “starter” demonstrations to highlight different regimes of fluid behavior, then devised their own experiments to investigate questions of particular interest. To fit with the activity setting at a graduate school recruiting event, we placed particular emphasis on the skills of experiment design and sharing results with an audience of peers. Here we discuss the materials, timeline, and assessments developed, as well as summarize students' progress toward our goals in the activity.
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