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Paper: Digital Image Exploration at Maui Community College
Volume: 436, Learning from Inquiry In Practice
Page: 274
Authors: Morzinski, K. M.; Crockett, C. J.; Crossfield, I. J.
Abstract: We designed a two-day laboratory exploration of fundamental concepts in digital images for an introductory engineering course at Maui Community College. Our objective was for the students to understand spatial vs. brightness resolution, standard file formats, image tradeoffs, and the engineering design cycle. We used open investigation, question generation, and an engineering design challenge to help our students achieve these learning goals. We also experimented with incorporating Hawaiian language and cultural awareness into our activity. We present our method, student response, and reflections on the success of our design. The 2008 re-design of this activity focused on better incorporating authentic engineering process skills, and on using a rubric for summative assessment of the students' poster presentations. A single file containing all documents and presentations used in this lesson is available online. ( ianc/files/digital_images_inquiry.pdf)
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