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Paper: Violent Interaction among Molecular Gas, Supernova Remnants, and Ionized Gas in the Galactic Center Region
Volume: 439, The Galactic Center: a Window to the Nuclear Environment of Disk Galaxies
Page: 23
Authors: Tsuboi, M.; Tadaki, K.; Sato, M. T.; Miyazaki, A.; Handa, T.
Abstract: We present results of a high-resolution wide-field mapping observation of Central Molecular Zone (CMZ) in SiO v=0, J=2–1 and H13CO+ J=1–0 emission lines using the Nobeyama Radio Observatory 45-m telescope and the 25-beam receiver of 100 GHz band in order to explore molecular gas affected by shock in the regions and depict the molecular gas mass distribution. The mapping area covers an 1.5°×0.5° area involving several named molecular clouds, for example the Sgr A molecular cloud complex, the Sgr B2 molecular cloud, and so on. The SiO emission line is known as a privileged tracer of shocked molecular gas. We find many molecular clouds remarkable only in SiO emission line. The molecular clouds have large velocity width up to 60 km s-1. The brightness temperature ratio is high up to TB(SiO)/TB(H13CO+) ≤ 8. The features are dominated by shock SiO-emphasized gas. In such clouds, the ratio of fractional abundance of SiO and H13CO+ molecules is increased to X (SiO)/X(H13CO+) ≥ 30. Meanwhile, the H13CO+ emission line is a famous tracer of molecular gas mass. H13CO+ emission line presents clumpy distribution of molecular cloud. The averaged fractional abundance in the region is X(SiO)/X(h13CO+) ≥ 30. The total molecular mass of the CMZ is MLTE = 17 ± 8 × 106M.
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