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Paper: A New Lower Limit to the Galactic Centre's Magnetic Field
Volume: 439, The Galactic Center: a Window to the Nuclear Environment of Disk Galaxies
Page: 49
Authors: Crocker, R. M.
Abstract: The amplitude of the magnetic field surrounding the Galactic Centre (GC) on large scales (> 100pc) has been uncertain by two orders of magnitude for several decades: different analyses report fields as weak as ∼6 μG on the one hand and ∼1 mG on the other. Here I report on our recent work (Crocker et al. 2010) which shows that the field on 400 pc scales has a firm lower limit of about 50 μG. To obtain this result we compiled existing (mostly single dish) radio data to construct the spectrum of the GC region on these size scales. This spectrum is a broken power law with a down-break (most conservatively) attributable to a transition from bremsstrahlung to synchrotron cooling of the in-situ cosmic-ray electron population. The lower limit on the magnetic field arises through the consideration that the synchrotron-emitting electrons should not produce too much γ-ray emission given existing constraints from the EGRET instrument.
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