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Paper: Increasing the Scientific Return of Stellar Orbits at the Galactic Center
Volume: 439, The Galactic Center: a Window to the Nuclear Environment of Disk Galaxies
Page: 167
Authors: Yelda, S.; Ghez, A. M.; Lu, J. R.; Do, T.; Clarkson, W.; Matthews, K.
Abstract: We report a factor of ∼3 improvement in Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics (LGSAO) astrometric measurements of stars near the Galaxy's supermassive black hole (SMBH). By carrying out a systematic study of M92, we have produced a more accurate model for the camera's optical distortion. Updating our measurements with this model, and accounting for differential atmospheric refraction, we obtain estimates of the SMBH properties that are a factor of ∼2 more precise, and most notably, increase the likelihood that the black hole is at rest with respect to the nuclear star cluster. These improvements have also allowed us to extend the radius to which stellar orbital parameter estimates are possible by a factor of 2.
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