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Paper: Flaring Emission from Sagittarius A* at Millimeter Wavelengths
Volume: 439, The Galactic Center: a Window to the Nuclear Environment of Disk Galaxies
Page: 319
Authors: Li, J.; Shen, Z.; Miyazaki, A.; Huang, L.; Sault, R. J.; Miyoshi, M.; Tsuboi, M.; Tsutsumi, T.
Abstract: We present flaring emission observations from the Galactic Center compact radio source Sgr A* with the Australia Telescope Compact Array at mm wavelengths. Careful calibrations of both elevation-dependent and time-dependent gains have enabled us to establish the variability behavior of Sgr A*. Sgr A* was found to be very active, and several flares were detected at 3 mm wavelength during our observations from 2005 to 2008. On 2008 October 3, we detected flare emission quasi-simultaneously at 3 and 7 mm wavelengths, with the 3 mm flare leading 7 mm by about 1 hr. The observed time delay between 3 and 7 mm wavelength seems to support the expanding plasmon model.
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