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Paper: Galileo Reader and Annotator
Volume: 441, The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VI
Page: 43
Authors: Besomi, O.
Abstract: In his readings, Galileo made frequent use of annotations. Here, I will offer a general glance at them by discussing the case of the annotations to the Libra astronomica published in 1619 by Orazio Grassi, a Jesuit mathematician of the Collegio Romano. The annotations directly reflect Galileo's reaction to Grassi's book in a heated debate between the two astronomers. Galileo and Grassi had opposite ideas about the nature of the comets, which resulted in different scientific and theological implications. The annotations represent the starting point for Galileo's reply to the Libra, namely Il Saggiatore, which was published four years later and dedicated to the new pope Urban VIII.
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