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Paper: A Never Ending Story: The Pontifical Commission on the Galileo Case: A Critical Review\footnotemark
Volume: 441, The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VI
Page: 99
Authors: Sánchez de Toca, M.
Abstract: The Galileo Affair seems like a soap-opera: long, tedious and repetitive. The pontifical commission created by John Paul II in 1981 to study the Galileo Affair, seems also to by affected by the same syndrome. In this paper the following questions will be critically examined: (a) the main facts concerning the Commission's work, (b) the main objections to the Commission's achievements, and (c) possible response to the objections. The analysis of the evidence shows the difficulties under which the Commission operated all the time. But as a whole, it had a positive impact on the Catholic Church and also in helping to find a more balanced image of Galileo.
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