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Paper: From Earth to Sky: (Observations of) a Transformation
Volume: 441, The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VI
Page: 245
Authors: Feinberg, E. A.
Abstract: When Galileo first turned his telescope to the night sky in 1609, our relationship with the cosmos was forever transformed, providing glimpses of space without the frame provided by our grounding on Earth. My paintings have followed a similar journey, moving from the Earth to the sky, from the concrete to the sublime. Earlier work is grounded, literally, with landscapes and sky. Increasingly, however, abstraction replaces representation, and my paintings leave the comfortable Earth behind, ultimately moving into the cosmos. Surfaces are built up with veils of light, sometimes smooth, sometimes bituminous, producing a sense of ambiguity and uncertainty. Viewers are no longer attached to the Earth: they are transformed, much as Galileo must have been transformed when he first saw the night sky without Earth's frame.
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