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Paper: The Haus der Astronomie in Heidelberg–A New Center for Education and Outreach
Volume: 441, The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VI
Page: 471
Authors: Staude, J.
Abstract: Since October 2009, a unique facility is being erected on the grounds of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy on top of the Königstuhl Mountain above Heidelberg, in the immediate vicinity of the State Observatory. It will be dedicated to the communication between scientists, to the development of educational material for junior and high school students, to the training of teachers and student teachers in physics, astronomy and natural sciences, and to the information of the media and the general public about new developments and results in astronomical research. The building will be donated by the Klaus Tschira Foundation, while the Max Planck Society, the University and the City of Heidelberg, and the State Departments of Research and of Education will share the running costs of the new institution.
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