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Paper: Assessing Changes to Student Attitudes and Beliefs about Science and Astronomy
Volume: 443, Earth and Space Science: Making Connections in Education and Public Outreach
Page: 464
Authors: Mendelsohn, B.; Cormier, S.; Prather, E. E.; Brissenden, G.; CATS Collaboration
Abstract: We are creating a mixed-methods study to inform our understanding of students' beliefs and attitudes about the role of science within our society and their understanding of the nature of science within the context of astronomy. Additionally, we are seeking the input of the broader Astronomy 101 teaching community about their own beliefs and attitudes about what is important for students to understand about science and its role in society. The results of this work will be used to inform the development of a multiple-choice pre-/post-assessment instrument designed to determine how different instructional environments change students’ beliefs and attitudes as a result of participating in an introductory astronomy course.
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