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Paper: Low-frequency Waves Driven by Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability in a Bounded Plasma Flow
Volume: 444, 5th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2010)
Page: 137
Authors: Shevelev, M. M.; Burinskaya, T. M.
Abstract: Kelvin–Helmholtz instability in a plane three-layered plasma is investigated. A general dispersion relation for the case of arbitrarily orientated magnetic fields and flow velocities is derived, and its solutions for a bounded plasma flow in a longitudinal magnetic field are studied numerically. On analyzing Kelvin–Helmholtz instability for different ion acoustic velocities, perturbations with wavelengths on the order of or longer than the flow thickness are shown to grow in an arbitrary direction even at a zero temperature. In a low-temperature plasma, solutions resulting in kink–like deformations of the plasma flow turns out to grow at a higher rate than ones resulting in sausage–like deformations. Oscillations excited at small angles with respect to the magnetic field exist in a limited range of the small wavenumbers even if the finite width of the transition region between the flow and the ambient plasma neglegted. The results obtained are applied to explain the excitation of the low–frequency long–wavelength oscillations propagating along the magnetic field in the plasma sheet boundary layer of the Earth's magnetotail.
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