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Paper: Numerical Scheme to Solve 3D Structure of Rotationally Supported Gas Disks
Volume: 444, 5th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2010)
Page: 204
Authors: Hanawa, T.; Kikuchi, D.; Otomo, Y.
Abstract: We propose two methods to improve numerical simulations of rotating gas disks. One of them is introduction of the reference velocity and the other is the velocity gradient within a numerical cell. Both of them evaluate the centrifugal force with better accuracy. These are applied to a young accreting binary, a protoplanetary disk with a planet, and a galactic gas disk. The numerical examples as well as the methods are shown. The application to the galactic disk suggests us the possibility that the wiggle instability is likely to be of numerical origin.
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