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Paper: LES of Temporally Evolving Mixing Layers by Three High Order Schemes
Volume: 444, 5th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2010)
Page: 266
Authors: Yee, H.; Sjögreen, B.; Hadjadj, A.
Abstract: The performance of three high order shock-capturing schemes is compared for large eddy simulations (LES) of temporally evolving mixing layers for different convective Mach number (Mc) ranging from the quasi-incompressible regime to highly compressible supersonic regime. The considered high order schemes are fifth-order WENO (WENO5), seventh-order WENO (WENO7), and the associated eighth-order central spatial base scheme with the dissipative portion of WENO7 as a nonlinear post-processing filter step (WENO7fi). This high order nonlinear filter method (Yee & Sjögreen 2009) is designed for accurate and efficient simulations of shock-free compressible turbulence, turbulence with shocklets and turbulence with strong shocks with minimum tuning of scheme parameters. The LES results by WENO7fi using the same scheme parameter agree well with experimental results of Barone et al. (2006), and published direct numerical simulations (DNS) by Rogers & Moser (1994) and Pantano & Sarkar (2002), whereas results by WENO5 and WENO7 compare poorly with experimental data and DNS computations.
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