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Paper: Hot Subdwarf Stars as Tracers of Binary Stellar Evolution
Volume: 447, Evolution of Compact Binaries
Page: 171
Authors: Østensen, R. H.; Van Winckel, H.
Abstract: Subdwarf B (sdB) stars are core-helium burning stars with exceptionally thin hydrogen envelopes. The mechanism by which they lose their envelopes has been controversial, but the consensus is that various types of binary interactions are required for their formation, making them an excellent testing ground for binary star evolution. Theory predicts that the majority of sdBs form through stable mass transfer leading to long period binaries. But to date, while close to 100 short period sdB binary stars have been discovered, not a single post-Roche-lobe-overflow long-period system is clearly established in the literature. We will show some early results from our recent effort in detecting long-period sdB systems, and discuss how space based photometric observations can be used to detect more subdwarf binaries.
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