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Paper: Creation of Neutral Disks During Outbursts of Symbiotic Binaries
Volume: 447, Evolution of Compact Binaries
Page: 239
Authors: Cariková, Z.; Skopal, A.
Abstract: Multiwavelength modelling of the spectral energy distribution of symbiotic binaries suggests that a neutral disc-like zone is created around the hot star near the orbital plane during active phases. Presumably, this is connected with the enhanced wind from the active hot star. To test this idea, we applied the wind compression model to active hot stars in symbiotic binaries, within which the wind particles are compressed more to the equatorial plane due to a fast rotation of the hot star. Accordingly, we calculated the ionisation structure for such compressed wind and ionising photons from the hot star. We found that the hot star wind, enhanced during active phases to ∼ (10–7– 10–6) M yr–1, and the rotational velocity of 100 – 350 km s-1 at the star's equator lead to formation of a neutral disc-shaped zone. The presence of such discs is transient, being connected with the active phases of symbiotic binaries. During quiescent phases, such neutral discs cannot be created, because of insufficient mass loss rate.
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