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Paper: Distribution of High Mass X-Ray Binaries in the Milky Way
Volume: 447, Evolution of Compact Binaries
Page: 265
Authors: Coleiro, A.; Chaty, S.
Abstract: The INTEGRAL satellite, observing the sky at high energy, has quadrupled the number of supergiant X-ray Binaries known in the Galaxy and has revealed new populations of previously hidden High Mass X-ray Binaries. These observations raise new questions about the formation and evolution of these sources. The number of detected sources is now high enough to allow us to carry out a statistical analysis of the distribution of HMXBs in the Milky Way. We derive the distance of each HMXB using a Spectral Energy Distribution fitting procedure, and we examine the correlation with the distribution of star forming complexes (SFCs) in the Galaxy. We show that HMXBs are clustered with SFCs, with a typical size of 0.3 kpc and a characteristic distance between clusters of 1.7 kpc.
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