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Paper: Lessons Learned from Ground-based Transmission Spectroscopy of Extrasolar Planets
Volume: 450, Molecules in the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Planets
Page: 39
Authors: Snellen, I.; Albrecht, S.; de Mooij, E.; Poole, R. L.
Abstract: After many unsuccessful attempts, ground-based transmission spectroscopy has finally yielded its first detections of planetary atmospheres. Redfield et al. (2008) have presented successful observations of sodium in HD 189733b using the Hobby-Eberly Telescope, and our group have detected the same chemical element in HD 209458b using archival Subaru data (Snellen et al.\ 2008). In this conference contribution we first argue that in the light of the earlier successes with the Hubble Space Telescope, it would have been very surprising if ground-based transmission spectroscopy had remained fruitless. Secondly, we discuss the scientific capabilities unique to high dispersion spectroscopy from the ground, and we conclude with giving some advice on how to perform successful future observations.
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