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Paper: Explosion and Remnant Systematics of Neutrino-driven Supernovae for Spherically Symmetric Models
Volume: 453, Advances in Computational Astrophysics: Methods, Tools, and Outcome
Page: 91
Authors: Ugliano, M.; Janka, H.; Arcones, A.; Marek, A.
Abstract: We present the results of spherically symmetric explosion simulations for a set of about 100 progenitor stars with solar metallicity, performed with the aim of better understanding the connection between progenitors and the properties of core-collapse supernovae. The explosions are initiated artificially by means of a neutrino heating scheme that depends on parametrized neutrino quantities (luminosities and mean spectral energies). The evolution of the models is followed until shock breakout from the stellar surface. In agreement with conclusions that have been drawn from observations, we find a great variability of supernova properties (such as explosion energy, remnant mass and ejected nickel mass) even in narrow progenitor mass windows. We conclude that these differences could be linked to differences in the progenitors structure.
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