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Paper: On Some Algorithm for Modeling the Solar Coronal Magnetic Field as MHD Equilibrium on Unstructured Mesh
Volume: 459, 6th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2011)
Page: 189
Authors: Amari, T.; Delyon, F.; Alauzet, F.; Frey, P.; Olivier, G.; Aly, J. J.; SDO/HMI Team
Abstract: The low solar corona is dominated by the magnetic field which is created inside the sun by a dynamo process and then emerges into the atmosphere. This magnetic field plays an important role in most structures and phenomena observed at various wavelengths such as prominences, small and large scale eruptive events, and continuous heating of the plasma, and therefore it is important to understand its three-dimensional properties in order to elaborate efficient theoretical models. Unfortunately, the magnetic field is difficult to measure locally in the hot and tenuous corona. But this can be done at the level of the cooler and denser photosphere, and several instruments with high resolution vector magnetographs are currently available (THEMIS, Imaging Vector Magnetograph (IVM), the Advanced Stokes Polarimeter (ASP), SOLIS, HINODE , Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), or will be shortly availableby future telescopes such as EST and solar missions as SOLAR-ORBITER. This has lead solar physicists to develop an approach which consists in “Reconstructing” the coronal magnetic field from boundary data given on the photosphere. We will present some of the issues we encountered in solving this problem numerically as well our recent progress and results.
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