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Paper: The Ionosphere Coupled to the Plasmasphere and Polar Wind Models
Volume: 459, 6th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2011)
Page: 234
Authors: Pierrard, V.; Borremans, K.
Abstract: The ionospheric IRI model has been coupled to the dynamic model of the plasmasphere developed by Pierrard & Stegen (2008). The three dimensional coupled model determines at any chosen time the number density and the temperatures of the electrons and ions for altitudes from 60 km to the position of the plasmapause and even at higher radial distances in the plasmaspheric trough. The polar wind is also modeled with a similar kinetic approach as used for the plasmasphere, but considering open magnetic field lines at high latitudes. The model determines the profiles of all the moments of the particles, and especially density, temperatures, escape flux and heat flux. The results of these models are made available to the scientific community by free run on the space weather portal.
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