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Paper: Modeling of Solar Active Region Using a Three-Dimensional, Time-Dependent, Data-Driven Magnetohydrodynamic Model
Volume: 459, 6th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2011)
Page: 254
Authors: Wu, S. T.; Wang, A. H.; Falconer, D.; Hu, Q.; Liu, Y.; Feng, X.; Shen, F.
Abstract: A self-consistent, three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic model together with time-dependent boundary conditions based on the method of characteristics at the bottom boundary (photosphere) to accommodate the observation will be discussed. To illustrate this model, Active Region 11117 observed by SDO/HMI is chosen for the analyses in that the magnetic field structures and evolution of this active region will lead to the determination of the conditions for the initiation of a solar eruption. Specific physical parameters to be simulated are non-potential magnetic field properties (i.e. emergence of magnetic flux (φ), the length of magnetic shear of the main neutral line (Lss), and the total current helicity (Hc) injected into the corona). We have found that all the non-potential magnetic field properties are necessary conditions for a solar eruptive event, but a sufficient condition is revealed for AR11117 similar to the AR 10720 given by Wu et al. (2009). This sufficient condition is the “fragmentation” of the magnetic shear along the neutral line.
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