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Paper: An Implicit Solver on A Parallel Block-Structured Adaptive Mesh Grid for FLASH
Volume: 459, 6th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2011)
Page: 334
Authors: Lee, D.; Gopal, S.; Mohapatra, P.
Abstract: We introduce a fully implicit solver for FLASH based on a Jacobian-Free Newton–Krylov (JFNK) approach with an appropriate preconditioner. The main goal of developing this JFNK-type implicit solver is to provide efficient high-order numerical algorithms and methodology for simulating stiff systems of differential equations on large-scale parallel computer architectures. A large number of natural problems in nonlinear physics involve a wide range of spatial and time scales of interest. A system that encompasses such a wide magnitude of scales is described as “stiff.” A stiff system can arise in many different fields of physics, including fluid dynamics/aerodynamics, laboratory/space plasma physics, low Mach number flows, reactive flows, radiation hydrodynamics, and geophysical flows. One of the big challenges in solving such a stiff system using current-day computational resources lies in resolving time and length scales varying by several orders of magnitude. We introduce FLASH's preliminary implementation of a time-accurate JFNK-based implicit solver in the framework of FLASH's unsplit hydro solver.
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