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Paper: Plasma Instabilities in Quiescent Prominences
Volume: 454, The 3rd Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 143
Authors: Ryutova, M.; Berger, T.; Frank, Z.; Title, A.; Tarbell, T.
Abstract: We study dynamics of quiescent prominences using several data sets taken with the SOT on Hinode. We find a number of processes occurring at different stages of the prominence evolution that are common for all the chosen cases, and having universal character, can be related to a fundamental plasma instabilities. We combine the observational evidence and theory to identify these instabilities. Here we discuss only two examples: (1) Coronal cavity formation under a prominence body and its evolution associated with screw pinch instability, and (2) Development of a regular series of plumes and spikes typical to the Rayleigh-Taylor instability modified by solenoidal magnetic field.
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