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Paper: First Stereoscopic Determinations of Heights and Their Variations of EUV Bright Points Using SECCHI EUVI aboard STEREO
Volume: 454, The 3rd Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 163
Authors: Kwon, R.-Y.; Chae, J.
Abstract: We measure the heights of an EUV BPs observed by EUVI onboard the STEREO, and their time variation using a stereoscopic method developed by Kwon, Chae, Zhang (2010). The lifetime of the BP was 25 h. There is a tendency that the height of the BP is the highest at the formation phase and it decreases through its temporal evolution while the intensity is the strongest in the latter half of its lifetime. There is strong correlation between height and length which implies that BP is a group of semi-circular loops. Our results strongly suggest that a BP originates from magnetic reconnection due to the interaction between converging opposite magnetic poles.
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