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Paper: Spatial and Thermal Study of an Isolated Loop with XRT and EIS
Volume: 454, The 3rd Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 241
Authors: Saar, S. H.; Schmelz, J. T.; Kashyap, V. L.
Abstract: We use multi-filter contemporaneous XRT and EIS observations of a small active region to study the spatial and thermal properties of an isolated quiescent loop. We study the loop as a whole, in segments, in transverse cuts, and point-by-point, always with some form of “background” subtraction. We find the loop DEM is not-isothermal, but is also not extremely broad, with ≈96% of the EM between 6.2 ≤ log T ≤ 6.7, and an EM-weighted average temperature of 〈log T〉 = 6.48 ± 0.16. There is some evidence for a gradual change in temperature along the loop, with 〈log T〉 increasing by ≈0.1 from the foot points to the peak. Including EIS data helps better constrain the EM at low T. Future work includes combining the analysis with contemporaneous RHESSI data and to explore XRT-EIS-RHESSI cross-calibration at AR temperatures.
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