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Paper: Soft X-Ray Loops Connecting Newly Emerging Magnetic Bipoles
Volume: 454, The 3rd Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 245
Authors: Yoshimura, K.
Abstract: A soft X-ray (SXR) coronal loop sometimes appears to connect between opposite photospheric magnetic polarity elements in a newly emerging magnetic bipole. We looked into the photospheric magnetic field data of high spatial resolution around this kind of SXR loop brightenings. While around most of them we found many magnetic cancellation events, which can release enough energies to make the coronal loops brighten in SXR through magnetic reconnection, we did not find any corresponding cancellation around some of the brightenings. And we did not clearly find any SXR enhancements above the magnetic cancellation site. These observational facts suggest that there must be some other mechanisms to heat up the coronal loops.
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