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Paper: Can Li-rich K Giants Eject Shells? Assembling the Lithium Puzzle in K Giants
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 51
Authors: de la Reza, R.; Drake, N. A.
Abstract: The existence of K giant stars with high Li abundance continues to challenge the standard theory of stellar evolution. All recent extensive surveys in the Galaxy show the same result: about 1% of the mainly normal slow rotating K giants are Li rich. We explore here a model with two scenarios based on the important relation of Li-rich and Li-poor K giants with IR excesses. In this model, all K giant stars suffer a rapid enrichment and depletion of Li inducing the formation and ejection of circumstellar shells. The observational detection of these shells will not only validate this model, but also will give important hints on the mechanism of Li enrichment of these stars.
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