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Paper: CO in Water Fountain Stars: More Than High-Velocity Water
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 71
Authors: Rizzo, J. R.; Suárez, O.; Gómez, J. F.; Miranda, L. F.; Osorio, M.
Abstract: Aiming to learn and further model the shaping of planetary nebulae, we are studying the scarce group of the so-called “Water Fountain” stars, post-AGB stars probably transitioning from spherical to bipolar nebulae. We have conducted a complete survey in the two lowest CO and 13CO rotational lines using the IRAM 30 m radiotelescope at Pico Veleta. We have detected CO associated to two water fountains, in all the observed lines. We report here the main features of the detected emission, and some global physical parameters.
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