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Paper: Radiosubmillimetric Mapping of Essential Carbon-Based Compounds in Carbon-Rich Targets and its Implications for the Origin of Life
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 79
Authors: Janot-Pacheco, E.; Lage, C.; Carciofi, A. C.; Domiciano de Souza, A.; Gadotti, D. A.
Abstract: We intend in this project to determine the spatial distribution of PAH and H2O in the same target object; to detect hydrocarbon or C-O byproducts and study their spatial distribution and to compare amounts of PAHs with “easy-forming” carbon-compounds as CO and CH4. A number of protoplanetary disks will be observed with ALMA and the spatial distribution and spectral energy distribution of the molecule emission features will be compared with disk models in order to probe the organic chemistry, gas temperatures and gas kinematics in planet-forming zones.
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