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Paper: The Dynamical Role of Radiative Driving in the Sources and Sinks of Circumstellar Matter in Massive Stars
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 255
Authors: Owocki, S.
Abstract: The high luminosity of massive stars drives strong stellar wind outflows. In magnetic massive stars, the channeling and trapping of wind material can feed a circumstellar magnetosphere, characterized either by transient suspension and dynamical infall in slow rotators, or by long-term centrifugal support in moderately fast rotators. In the non-magnetic but rapidly rotating Be stars, direct centrifugal ejection of material from the equatorial surface can feed a Keplerian decretion disk, with radiative forces now playing a potential key role in disk dissipation, through line-driven ablation from the disk surface. This contribution reviews these dynamical roles of radiative driving in the sources and sinks of circumstellar matter, within the context of using high resolution observations to test and constrain circumstellar models.
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