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Paper: Long Baseline Interferometry, a Powerful Tool to Study Stars with the B[e] Phenomenon: The Case of HD 50138*
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 277
Authors: Borges Fernandes, M.
Abstract: HD 50138 is one of the closest stars with the B[e] phenomenon. However, up to now its evolutionary stage is not well known. Thanks to optical high-resolution data from the FEROS spectrograph (ESO, La Silla), it was possible to derive the physical parameters of this star (B6–7 III–V) and the circum- and interstellar extinction. This object can represent a link between Be and B[e] stars, and based on its intense spectral variations, we tentatively suggest that a new shell phase could have taken place prior to our observations in 2007. From the high spatial resolution provided by AMBER and MIDI (VLTI/ESO), we have identified the presence of a gaseous and dusty circumstellar disk. In addition, we could also derive the structure, inclination related to line of sight, and orientation onto the sky-plane of the circumstellar disk of HD 50138.
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