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Paper: CPD–52 9243: Circumstellar Dust and Gas Properties Derived from Interferometric and Spectroscopic Data\footnotemark
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 323
Authors: Cidale, L. S.; Borges Fernandes, M.; Andruchow, I.; Kraus, M.; Chesneau, O.; Kanaan, S.; Arias, M. L.; Curé, M.; de Wit, W. J.; Muratore, M. F.
Abstract: We present quasi-simultaneous interferometric (VLTI/MIDI) and optical and near-IR spectroscopic (CASLEO/REOSC, VLT/CRIRES, GEMINI/PHOENIX) observations of CPD–52 9243 which allow us to constrain its disk structure and kinematics. VLTI/MIDI observations provide strong support for the presence of a dusty disk-like structure around the star, with an inner angular diameter of 5 mas and an inclination angle of ∼ 50°. The dusty structure surrounds a CO gaseous Keplerian ring with a projected rotation velocity of 33 km s-1. The optical line spectrum, crowded with P Cygni profiles, evidences a strong polar wind.
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