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Paper: Integral-Field Spectroscopy of the Young High-Mass Star IRAS 13481–6124
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 369
Authors: Stecklum, B.; Caratti o Garatti, A.; Linz, H.
Abstract: We present results of AO-assisted K-band IFU spectroscopy of the massive young star IRAS 13481–6124 performed with ESO's VLT/SINFONI instrument. Our spectro-astrometric analysis of the Brγ line revealed a photo-center shift with respect to the adjacent continuum of ∼1 AU at a distance of 3.1 kpc. The position angle of this shift matches with that of the outflow which confirms that the massive star is indeed the driving source. Furthermore, a velocity gradient along the major disk axis was found which hints at the rotational sense of the ionized region, and thus of the disk as well. The gradient is not consistent with Keplerian motion but points to rigid rotation of the innermost disk. Notably, emission of H2 is absent from source while both shocked and fluorescent H2 emission are observed in its immediate surroundings.
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