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Paper: A Unified Polar Cap/Striped Wind Model for Pulsed Radio and Gamma-Ray Emission in Pulsars
Volume: 466, Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars
Page: 21
Authors: Pétri, J.
Abstract: The recent discovery by Fermi of more than one hundred new gamma-ray pulsars makes it possible to look for statistical properties of their pulsed high-energy emission. These pulsars emit by definition mostly gamma-ray photons but some of them are also detected in the radio band. For the latter, the relation between time lag of radio/gamma-ray pulses and gamma-ray peak separation helps to put some constraints on the magnetospheric emission mechanisms and location. This idea is analyzed in detail, assuming a polar cap model for the radio pulses and the striped wind geometry for the high-energy counterpart. Combining the time-dependent emissivity in the wind with a simple polar cap emission model, we compute the radio and gamma-ray light-curves. The phase lag as well as the gamma-ray peak separation dependence on the pulsar inclination angle and on the viewing angle are studied and compared with available observations.
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