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Paper: Modal Sequencing in an 8-hour GMRT Observation of Pulsar B1822–09
Volume: 466, Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars
Page: 103
Authors: Latham, C.; Mitra, D.; Rankin, J.
Abstract: The research presented here examines an 8-hour observation of pulsar B1822–09, acquired with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope. B1822–09 is known to exhibit two stable emission modes, the B mode, where the precursor (PC) “turns on”, and the Q mode, which is defined by interpulse (IP) emission. These emission modes are like pulsar “personalities.” Our analyses have shown that the pulsar's two modes are not as “pure” as previously thought, in that PC emission is sometimes seen in the B mode, IP emission in Q-mode intervals and near transitions PS and IP emission can occur simultaneously. Further, in this long observation, the Q mode shows periodic modulation near 46.6±1.0 rotation periods that modulates both the main pulse IP. We find indications that this represents a P3 associated with a subbeam carousel, and that its circulation time is thrice this value. Moreover, we detected a B-mode modulation at 70±3 that appears to have an odd-even character—thus both cycles are commensurate at around 140 rotation periods.
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