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Paper: Candidates for Pulsars with Gigahertz-Peaked Spectra
Volume: 466, Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars
Page: 115
Authors: Tarczewski, L.; Kijak, J.; Lewandowski, W.
Abstract: Kijak et al. (2011) provided a definite evidence for a new type of pulsar radio spectra. These spectra show the maximum flux above 1 GHz and their energy decreases below 1 GHz, producing a positive spectral index at lower frequencies. They called these objects the gigahertz-peaked spectra (GPS) pulsars. We study a spectrum of radio pulsars and try to find pulsars with the turn-over effect at high frequencies. We created a database of candidates for pulsars with GPS effect using Maron et al. (2000) and ATNF database (Manchester et al. 2005), and also using recent papers where flux measurements were published (for example Bates et al. 2011). As a result a set of 22 candidates for pulsars with GPS was found.
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