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Paper: Spin-Down Age: the Key to Magnetic Fields Decay on the Surface of Neutron Stars
Volume: 466, Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars
Page: 207
Authors: Igoshev, A. P.
Abstract: We investigate the properties of spin-down age curve in case of dipole electromagnetic radiation of neutron stars (NSs). It was found that that is independent from both initial period and magnetic field strength since 5·104 years age. Therefore, we restore the history of the magnetic field decay for the galactic NSs supposing that the laws of the field decreasing are identical for all NS in the Milky Way. We also propose that the birth-rate of pulsars is constant at least during last 200 million years. We reconstruct the universal function f(t)=B(t)/B0, where B(t) is the value of the magnetic field for NS with age t and B0 is the same value for new born NS. The function f(t) for t < 2 · 105 years can be fitted by one modified power law with power index alpha = -1.17.
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