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Paper: Noise Strength Estimates of Three SGRs: Swift J1822.3-1606, SGR J1833-0832 and Swift J1834.9-0846
Volume: 466, Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars
Page: 255
Authors: Serim, M. M.; Inam, S. Ç; Baykal, A.
Abstract: We studied timing solutions of the three magnetars SWIFT J1822.3-1606, SGR J1833-0832 and Swift J1834.9-0846. We extracted the residuals of pulse arrival times with respect to the constant pulse frequency derivative. Using polynomial estimator techniques, we estimated the noise strengths of the sources. Our results showed that the noise strength and spin-down rate are strongly correlated, indicating that increase in spin-down rate leads to more torque noise on the magnetars. We are in progress of extending our analysis to the other magnetars.
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