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Paper: The Dancer, the Sculptor, and the Astronomer: Science and Aesthetics at the Fin de Siécle
Volume: 468, Engaging the Heavens: Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena V
Page: 97
Authors: Wells, G.
Abstract: The latter part of the 19th century was a time of remarkable imaginative invention and profound intellectual insight. Increasingly bold pronouncements from the sciences energized and inspired the arts, and in turn the arts provided a de facto language with which to celebrate a new understanding of nature. Scientists and artists found common ground in the spirit of adventure that characterized their respective disciplines. The popularization of science depended upon the ability of artists to find the appropriate visual metaphors with which to express the ideas of the age. This is the case with the friendship between Loie Fuller, Auguste Rodin, and Camille Flammarion. The relationship between the dancer, the sculptor, and the astronomer represented the intersection of science and aesthetics in the public and professional spheres.
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