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Paper: Hot White Dwarf Luminosity Function, non-DA to DA Ratio, SDSS DR7: Possible Improvements
Volume: 469, 18th European White Dwarf Workshop (EUROWD12)
Page: 77
Authors: Krzesiński, J.
Abstract: Hot white dwarf luminosity functions (LF) have opened new possibilities for the analysis of the properties of WDs at the beginning of their evolution, when the hottest and the youngest objects enter WD cooling tracks. These new LFs allow the investigation of recent star formation rate and neutrino cooling, as well as determination of the DA to non-DA ratio. The latter can, in turn, give a clue about WD atmosphere transformations and chemical composition changes in the hottest WDs. However, the number of hot WDs is rather low, leading to large errors in the DA to non-DA ratio. Is a new SDSS WD catalog a solution to the problem? Some answers are given in this short review.
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