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Paper: The White Dwarfs of NGC 188
Volume: 469, 18th European White Dwarf Workshop (EUROWD12)
Page: 211
Authors: Jeffery, E. J.; Platais, I.; Williams, K.
Abstract: NGC 188 is one of the oldest open clusters in the Milky Way, and thus has been the target of a wide range of studies. It holds a unique position among open clusters, with a main sequence turn off age of ∼7–10 Gyr and an approximately solar metallicity. In light of recent discussion regarding the formation mechanism for old, metal-rich white dwarfs, the white dwarfs of NGC 188 are of particular interest, given their age and metallicity. The Hubble Space Telescope has been used previously to search for this cluster's oldest white dwarfs, and we have obtained second epoch observations suitable for proper motion studies, allowing us to study a clean sample of the cluster white dwarfs. We present the progress and results of this study.
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