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Paper: On a Long-term Variability of the Asynchronous Polar BY Cam
Volume: 469, 18th European White Dwarf Workshop (EUROWD12)
Page: 355
Authors: Andreev, M.; Pavlenko, E.; Babina, Yu.; Malanushenko, V.
Abstract: A long-term monitoring of the asynchronous polar BY Cam has been carried out by several groups of observers in a total over the years 1988–2012. Apart from the 3.3-hr periodicity related to the orbital variation and ∼15 d periodicity caused by the the spin-orbital asynchronizm, BY Cam displays the brightness variation on the much longer time scale of hundreds and thousands of days. Basing on our 8-year interval of photometric observations from 2004 to 2012, we examined the existence of 100–150 d precession of the white dwarf spin axes suggested by Piirola et al. (1994) and ∼5 year quasi-period found by Honeycutt and Kafka (2005) in brightness variations. We did not find any convincing evidence of the ∼145 d period observed by Honeycutt and Kafka (2005). Instead we found the existence of ∼ the 4.1-year variations in the years 2004–2012 and present their sine-like profile. The possible connection of these variations with ∼5 year quasi-period as well as its interpretation is considered.
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